“Ickerman, chickerman”: an old PNW kids’ rhyme?

A possible find of enormous interest. But cross-reference with “doggerel”!

Early Chinuk Wawa loans into English

Today we find that by 1850, people already were using Chinook Jargon words in local English without having to explain themselves…

Other Conundrums…Henry Tsang’s “Utter Jargon”

A site-specific Chinuk Wawa public art piece, Kamloops, 1993.

Edward “Golden Potlatch” Clayson part 2

I found out more of “Patriarch” Clayson’s background, and he wasn’t a southerner, he was British…

“Golden Potlatch” song in Chinuk Wawa

You know sparks will fly. A Jargon song, and lots of other Olympic Peninsula Chinook Jargon recollections, from an early settler who styled himself “The Patriarch”.

What thing is a shaman?

A clue about how Chinuk Wawa was used by artifact collectors in southeast Alaska, circa 1886:

Belgians & Chinook

Also worth a look, especially on a Sunday:

Our Oral Histories Are Our Iron Posts

The weekend is a good time to find a spare hour and read about some of the history that’s behind Chinuk Wawa, told by people in several Native communities.

A new Quileute => Salish => Chinuk Wawa discovery

At first I didn’t realize I’d discovered it 🙂 Does that still count?!

About the Shores of Puget Sound, 1871

[Edited immediately after publishing 🙂 to note — I’ve just realized that word sak-talm ‘paddle’ in Scammon’s article is another good mystery. More soon! DDR] Here’s a leisurely cruise guided by a knowledgeable pilot.