Oregon: There & back in 1877 (& again)

Here’s someone who monetized his travelogues to beat the band! Eventual Oregon State University founder Wallis Nash published not one but two books about his visits from England to Oregon. And he dedicated one… Continue reading

Mock Chinook Jargon

The other day, I shared a couple of genuine Chinuk Wawa letters from the far northwest corner of Washington State, the Bellingham area. Today, from the same region but instead continuing my sporadic… Continue reading

Bill Kaihumua weds a queen of the Quiniaults

  The intersection of Chinook Jargon and Hawaiian Pidgin English? What language did the blissfully wedded couple talk at home? The Hawaiian Gazette of November 26, 1907 reports (page 8) on the nuptials of Maggie… Continue reading

Even newer light on “moniasses”

Once you get the fraught title out of the way, “The Aryan Element in Indian Dialects” is one heck of an article.

Inventor of Dene syllabics slams inventor of Jargon shorthand

-Notorious Northern character Father Adrien-Gabriel Morice’s “Carrier Reading-Book” (Stuart’s Lake Mission, BC: 1894) starts with one of his diatribes. This might seem odd in a lesson book. But there’s a very real reason… Continue reading

Ways to express fractions in Chinuk Wawa

Fractions are a challenge, in the majority of human languages that I have experience of. This has to do with culture and history. Some regions of the planet — not all — have… Continue reading

My native language (the Chinook)

Behring Sea Arbitration: Appendix to Counter-Case of Her Majesty’s Government. Pages 533-921 of “Fur Seal Arbitration: Proceedings of the Tribunal of Arbitration, Convened at Paris/Volume VIII” (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1895). This is… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing challenge: find the original of this Chinook Jargon letter

EDITED 10/25/2017: thanks to several goodhearted readers, I can now add the entire Chinuk Wawa text, at the end of this post. Bonus: it’s actually 2 letters! Look below. I’ve had the heck… Continue reading

Two old saws

A couple of persistent stories about Chinuk Wawa. From “The Story of Metlakahtla” by Henry S. Wellcome (London: Saxon & Co., 1887). It’s a narrative of how the missionary Reverend William Duncan came… Continue reading

My dad was a Chinook interpreter

Heck of a story. “Parks and Redwoods, 1919-1971: Oral history transcript” is “an interview” of Newton Bishop Drury (1889-1978) “conducted by Amelia Roberts Fry and Susan Schrepfer. It’s at the Bancroft Library of… Continue reading