Attorney: My language, call it jargon if you wish

I’ve seen this story repeated in a few old sources, but I don’t think it’s well known in our present circle of Chinook Jargon partisans. One reason it’s interesting is because this is… Continue reading

They believe that those who speak the jargon are King George men

A “Letter from Frazer River” [sic, the usual spelling back then] takes up parts of columns 3 and 4 on page 2 in the Olympia, Washington Territory Pioneer and Democrat edition of Friday, August… Continue reading

Mukmuk the beaver

A propos of nothing, here’s a 2010 Olympic mascot I wish I’d bought a t-shirt or toque of: Mukmuk the beaver. Sorry–after dropping this image into my post, I read that M. is… Continue reading

Our English as she is spoke (or a column only Canadians will understand)

By Dave Bidini in the National Post.  Give’r! But it sounds like he stopped right about the Alberta-BC border, eh?  😉 I’ve never heard BC folks call each other “Skookum”.  See my addendum below.… Continue reading

Gold, Gold, in Cariboo!

I came across a pretty interesting book, “Gold, Gold, in Cariboo: A Story of Adventure in British Columbia”, that has Chinook Jargon as well as dramatic features that make it worth a read.… Continue reading

Our first night in this locality of foreign jargon

I know that I have Emily Carr fans among my readers. Can any of you connect this painting of hers, “Our First Night in This Locality of Foreign Jargon”, with a particular event… Continue reading

Chinook Wawa in the language cloud

“Chinook Wawa in the language cloud“: EGADS, what does that mean? Focus on the red dot.  Now, slowly cross your eyes.  JK! In seriousness, I’m presuming the good folks over at Ethnologue will… Continue reading

Brought to you by the letter O (in shorthand)

(Update 05/07/2013:  See below for edits showing my interpretation of the CJ here. — Dave) The first issue of the legendary Chinook Jargon missionary newspaper Kamloops Wawa has been shown in a lot of articles… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon tux

A lot of people oddly wind up here because they were searching for “Chinook Jargon tux”. Some of you are shaking your heads perplexed. Some of you are chuckling. Folks are probably encountering… Continue reading

Talk strange language

The Jargon was being reminisced about already in 1904! The Morning Oregonian (Portland, Or.), Thursday, June 21, 1904, page 12, columns 3-4 has this report of a typical pioneers’ get-together of the time, at… Continue reading