Victoria, BC and Chinook Jargon history

A good Sunday read: “Book Excerpt: A Perfect Eden” by Michael Layland.

Indian shorthand writers (1911)

The writer of this piece about Kamloops Wawa‘s culture of written Chinook Jargon claims to have been on the scene, but she’s noticeably cribbing from the article I shared yesterday 🙂

Christianizing Indians by teaching them shorthand

Add this to our scrapbook of historical documents on the Chinook Writing…

Another Indian winter weather forecast

“Long and cold winter predicted by daughter of famous Indian’, warned another headline in the Native Weather Forecaster genre…

Indian Billy’s weather forecast

Six more weeks of winter? Magical Native American trope?

Itchfoot klatawa copa h–l

It never gets old — reminding you that pidgin-creole languages like Chinuk Wawa are folk speech. They’re full of words that stodgy old regular languages disavow paternity of…

New Year’s Chinuk Wawa letter from Tillamook, 1916

  John Leland Henderson is a young lumberjack who taught himself how to write Jargon! A special New Year’s gift from the real McCoy…

Oregon beers: hyas klose & hyas kloser

I respect those who observe New Year’s Eve, if at all, in a dry fashion. I also know a number of my Pacific Northwest readers will love the following quaintness:

Recollections of my boyhood

He wasn’t a Forty-Niner, but this right here is gold!

Grand Rounde: anecdotes of Quinaby

The rare find of an Oregon bank’s house magazine turns up Christmas-season gems from the Grand Rounde (i.e. Grand Ronde) Reservation community, 1883.