Klootch, a puppy bitch

Posted as an example of the antiquated slur “klootch“ (also spelled “klutch” or “klooch”). –from the Portland Morning Oregonian, April 23, 1904, page 5, column 5.  Here it’s the name of a female puppy… Continue reading

Radio news investigation: “When Was Chinook Jargon Prevalent In The Northwest?”

KUOW in Seattle has just published online an investigative news story titled “When Was Chinook Jargon Prevalent In The Northwest?“ It’s a carefully done, quite listenable feature in their Local Wonder series. Nixwa… Continue reading

Tilikums Ikt Potlatch

Strangest Places Dept.: I quote verbatim from San Francisco insurance-trade publication The Adjuster (volume 40, number 1; January 1910, page 14), adding [in brackets] my English translations. My comments follow afterward.     Tilikums Ikt… Continue reading

The Iron Klooch

[Not for the most sensitive ears.] If I had accesss to the Murray-Latta fonds at UBC Archives, the blueprints for the Iron Klooch would make a spectacular illustration here. That’s your basic Kellington… Continue reading

1890’s ladies’ diet advice in Chinuk Wawa

WW19CCTYTD? (What would a 19th-century celibate tell you to do?) “Mgr. Kneipp‘s Hygienic Instructions” ALTA KOPA KLUCHMIN, PUS WIK SAIA Now, for the lady, when it’s almost time  IAKA TLAP IAKA TANAS. for… Continue reading

This is not a red herring ;-)

Ceci n’est pas un faux-fuyant 🙂 Alta polis man iskom iht dais [SIC!!!], ukuk Then the policeman picked up a dice, (one of) those chikmin dais kluchmin lolo kopa iaka lima pus metal dice… Continue reading

The medicine man argues back…in church!

When you grasp how, in Kamloops Wawa, liplit “the priest” mentioned in the third person is the same individual as nsaika “us” in the editorial comments, you’re going to realize that the following eyewitness report is juicy as… Continue reading

More on Robert Brown; he knew his Jargon

We haven’t given Robert Brown (b. 1842) his due.  I mean, he was a well-regarded Scottish botanist and explorer of our Pacific Northwest region, and certainly I’ve already praised his Chinook highly, but… Continue reading

The priest explains capitalism

I thought this extended selection, where Father Le Jeune of the Kamloops Wawa responds to a reader’s complaints about his newspaper’s price, was a really great illustration of the kinds of education you can do in… Continue reading

Hear a Chinuk Wawa lecture streaming tonight

8pm Pacific time zone on CIRH Roundhouse Radio 98.3 from Vancouver BC: a guy called David Robertson, talking & singing about “The Chinook We Never Knew — But Will“. Stream it live…or any… Continue reading