“Fish house” part 2: the confirmation

Supposedly I discovered how to say “cannery” in Jargon.  Confirmation has arrived. In my blog post several days ago, I thought I spied the Wawa words pish haws (“fish house”) hiding, in distorted form, in… Continue reading

Tilikum Crossing or TilixƏm Crossing?

  Here is a video of David Lewis (Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde) speaking about the spelling chosen for Portland’s new bridge. We need to acquaint people with schwa! Portlanders, I bet you… Continue reading

Jedd’s story: Teeth and eggs

Jedd Schrock shared this fun story.  Those who have the Grand Ronde dictionary, or have taken their classes, will get some nice reading practice here! (Want to send in your translation? Or ask… Continue reading

How do you say “church” in Chinook Jargon?

How do you say “church” in Chinook Jargon? I’m glad to be asked such an interesting question.  It’s actually hard to find a word for “church” in Chinook.  Makes me think. Most of… Continue reading

Chinook Bible translation? No banana. Yet. But…

One of the many urban legends about this language that hold on to a vigorous life of their own is that there was a Bible translation into Chinook Jargon. Nope. Selected parts of the Bible… Continue reading

Priest house

Chief David Johnson, Esk’et/Alkali Lake Reserve (northern Secwepemc territory), BC, said in an interview: We had an old log building back here before, that’s where we used to feed the priests…that’s what they… Continue reading

You’re invited to the phase 1 opening of Chachalu Tribal Museum

June 5, 2014: Chachalu. Chinuk Wawa singing and everything else! Come celebrate this milestone for Grand Ronde cultural preservation.

“Fish house” in Heiltsuk tells us how they talked about canneries in Chinook

In the Practical Heiltsuk-English Dictionary by John Rath, there’s this word: bisaús for a cannery.  There have certainly been canneries in that area (Bella Bella, BC). But I have some acquaintance with the… Continue reading

Small Pleasures, a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa

“Small Pleasures” is a short dramatic film in Chinook Wawa by Karin Lee. It’s set in Barkerville, BC, in the 1860s and features female characters of both Chinese and First Nations background. What… Continue reading

If you searched for…

Sometimes I notice people drifting in to my site looking for particular things relating to Chinook Jargon. Let me be of assistance (I had to guess at a couple of these): If you searched… Continue reading