1935: A fella with a Chinook nickname

I found this summary of a news article about a person known by a Jargon nickname…

cpr fleet

I haven’t seen the article itself, too bad because it would’ve provided a photo of him!

photo of George ‘Hyas Kloshe‘ [hayas-ɬúsh (very good; perhaps ‘the great’)] Woollett, retiring from coasting ships after 46 years… Maude; Queen City; Tees; Princess Beatrice; Princess Royal; Princess Elaine; Princess Norah… While as chief steward on the west coast route, he was called upon to minister to the ailing and injured, and never called in vain, for he is an unusually capable man in any emergency.
Parents of children en route to school at Victoria placed their children in his charge…

[Victoria (BC) Colonist, 1935-05-29, p. 5]

What do you think?