1893: Happy Chinook Halloween

I’ve once again managed to find a connection between Halloween and Chinuk Wawa 🙂

halloween 1893

An early “sexy Halloween costume”, 1893 (image credit: Vogue)

It’s actually 2 consecutive local items from the early post-frontier era in western Washington.

Here you go:

halloween chinook

The Pilchuck [‘Red Water’ in Jargon] and Snohomish rivers are on the rampage, from the snows which have been melting in a two days’ chinook[Warm wind from the coast.] The latter has risen 12 feet.

Four of the fourteen Tacoma juvenile Halloween offenders were sent to jail and the others are out finding and restoring the scattered objects of their pranks.

— from the Olympia (WA) Washington Standard of November 10, 1893, page 3, column 5

Happy Halloween!
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