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A bagful of Halloween treats!

Some eerily evocative previous posts for Halloween…

Happy Halloween: A part Upper Chehalis, part Chinuk Wawa monstrosity? :)

From the land of the “Halloweena” tribe…

1888: A Halloween tangent

Only obliquely related to either Chinuk Wawa or Hallowe’en, the following piece of PNW regional humour was irresistible…

1893: Happy Chinook Halloween

I’ve once again managed to find a connection between Halloween and Chinuk Wawa 🙂

How to say “Halloween” in Chinuk Wawa

You didn’t know how to say “Halloween” in Chinook Jargon? I have a treat for you.

The Halloweena Indians

(Image credit: YouTube) For another seasonally appropriate article, turn out the lights and draw close as I tell you about…the Halloweena Indians. Scary! On a cold day when white people were still outnumbered… Continue reading

1808-1810: The wreck of the Sv. Nikolai

One surviving travel narrative from early PNW contact times is not about trading, but about a year and a half of terror.

1908: Reminiscences of Charles A. Splawn

From the “Indian district” of Ellensburg, Washington, mid- to post-frontier times…

1911: The vampire used a combination of Chinook and sign language :)

Extra Halloween / Chinook material for you…

1846: Frémont’s “Narrative” and implicit CW

Not all documents of Chinuk Wawa seem like documents of CW.