Chinook saw

I’m blogging this for the name “Chinook saw”. 

chinook saw

This was a mystery we discussed 16 years ago on the CHINOOK listserv.

The phrase “Chinook saw” turns up in the Thompson River Salish dictionary, as the English gloss for a Salish term mnuʔsáqs tk nx̣aʔƛ̓ús.  (Literally something like ‘the both-ends scalloped-faced-thing’.)

Now that the internet has matured some, I’ve located images of the real hot item.

It’s a trade name: the Simonds “Royal Chinook no. 503” crosscut saw. (Simonds is still in business.)

I imagine “Chinook saw” meant that the tool ripped through a log like the famous Chinook wind eats up the snow in an eyeblink.

Chinook Jargon for this two-man saw, according to Father Le Jeune, was what he spelled in shorthand as kros kyut so 🙂