A note about the Chinook Jargon blog, o children of the forest

Actually several points about this Chinook Jargon blog.

I tag the posts to help their content be searchable in Google.  But my tagging system will change.  I’ve learned that a person’s idea of what they’re writing about changes over time.  (Thank you, dissertation!)  🙂

Thanks for clicking  the ‘Follow’ button, as well as sharing this blog on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  Tell a friend.  Who knows, it might turn into more public exposure for this fascinating language.

Your ideas are solicited.  Comment on the posts.  Ask questions.  Suggest research directions.  Point me to interesting people & sources.

Sometimes the images used here are low-quality.  That happens with some that I grab from the Internet.  I don’t want to hurt your eyes.  I’ll look for better pics.

I treat “Chinook Jargon” (CJ), “Chinuk Wawa” (CW), “Jargon” and sometimes “ChinooK” as synonyms.  Those who have an axe to grind favour one of these over the others.  As long as it’s clear which language we’re talking about, I don’t care.

When I post bits of Jargon, I love getting your reactions and your translations.  Teaching a college course on CJ, I’ve found you can get excellent interpretations of the language by crowd-sourcing.

I’ve said it before on the CHINOOK listserv.  I’ll say it again.  Don’t talk flowery, in Jargon.  (Tlus wik maika sahali maika tomtom.)  Save it for English, to the metalinguistic culture of which such behaviour is as germane as an arm unto a sleeve, o children of the forest.

–Dave Robertson–