Teaching literacy practices, page 2: Keep your Chinook paper clean

Something that eventually occurred to Father Le Jeune, once he had gotten 500+ people literate in Chinook shorthand… They needed to be told to keep their Kamloops Wawa clean and dry. This is not,… Continue reading

English in shorthand — I challenge you

Experience introducing college students to phonetic notation as an alternate way to represent their mother tongue suggests you will have a hard time reading this, at first. Want to leave your transcription of… Continue reading

2 More Chinook / Tsimshian / Salish hymns

I blogged a Chinook Jargon hymn translation by Rev. C. M. Tate the other day; there are 2 more at the Newberry Library. If you order a copy before I get to this,… Continue reading

“Mas” about California pidgin Spanish

Last post, I introduced you to California Pidgin Spanish of the gold-rush times, 1858…now, here is más. This time without Chinook Jargon mixed in. First I want to report that the earliest find I’ve… Continue reading

Clattewah, or, how variant spellings led me to a mixed Spanish-English-CJ pidgin

[ *** Edited for clarity — because I posted this late last night 🙂 *** ] A humorous bit about the high cost of living in San Francisco — how timely! A racist… Continue reading

Tate’s Chinook/Tsimshian hymn

Good old C.M. Tate, the missionary who gave you the spectacularly odd and rather rare “St Marks Kloosh Yiem Kopa Nesika Savious Jesus Christ“, also left this behind: Chinook Hymn  “Nothing but the… Continue reading

Mocking Haida song lyrics in Chinuk Wawa

A Haida mocking song in Chinook Jargon. From Rolf Knight, “Indians at Work: An Informal History of Native Labour in British Columbia 1858-1930“. An aside about Haida fishermen and cannery workers who journeyed… Continue reading

“All same” as 2 pidgins influencing each other

Believe it or not, pidgin languages — like Chinook Jargon — quite frequently interact with each other.  Cultural contact situations have, historically, often been cyclone-like: traveling swirls of activity moving from one locale onward to… Continue reading

Let’s go crazy with Chinuk Wawa!

Being a scotty boffin o’ contact linguistics, I say let’s go crazy with Chinuk Wawa! We have at least 3 simplex words for “insane” in the Jargon, another instance of embarrassing riches where… Continue reading

Chinook saw

I’m blogging this for the name “Chinook saw”.  This was a mystery we discussed 16 years ago on the CHINOOK listserv. The phrase “Chinook saw” turns up in the Thompson River Salish dictionary,… Continue reading