1914: Redmen plan a big pow wow; Kumtux?

To add to our voluminous “Improved Order of Red Men” files…

These were a bunch of White Men “playing Indian”. Meh.

Illustration from page 594 of “Official History of the Improved Order of Red Men

But they sure had an affection for Chinook Jargon, without regard for fluency. Remind you of anyone these days? 🙂

See if you can make sense of the following…

redmen plan a big pow wow 1914

Redmen Plan a Big Pow Wow

Session Will Probably Be More Largely Attended Than Any Previous Event of Its Kind in Northwest.

Vancouver, Wash., July 11. — Arrangements are being made by a committee of local Redmen for the big pow wow, which will be held here on Tuesday, August 4, under the auspices of Kumtux Tribe No. 3, Improved Order of Red Men. The gathering will be one of the largest, if not the largest, in the history of the lodge in the northwest, and it is expected that a class of 1000 “palefaces” will be initiated into the mysteries of the organization.

The following is the text of the letter and invitation which is being sent out by the committee:

Kopa stick hiyu mowich, Vancouver, Wash. Hias Nesika Pil Tilakum — Klahany iskum pee mamook kloshe here, hiyu nanich. Iskum tahoo ict monock boston tilakum mamook klak yaka yakso. Kopa Kumtux Tribe, pil tilaum, klone. Hiyu pil tilakum mitlite hiyu tepee. Lockit moosum stutchun moon G.S.D. lokit monock moxt thatlum pe klone. Kohkwa Sun, 1914.

John J. Sexton, Tyee; John A. Padden, Mamook kloshe kopa papah; Frank Beatty, Wake potlach kopa chikamin; Peter J. Flynn, Hias Kloshe wawa; Joe Stapf, Mamook kloshe hehe hiyu muckamuck.

Reduced rates have been secured on the different railroads and excursion boats will run from Portland, Astoria and other down river points.

— from the Oregon Daily Journal (Portland, OR), July 12, 1914, page 8

Why did the newspaper editor leave this Chinuk Wawa un-translated?

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
What do you think?