1897: An Old-Time Salutation

Chinook spellings unique to one person are the evergreen hallmark of honestly learned Jargon!

Real oldtimers must have instantly recognized the authenticity of the following appeal as coming from one of their own.

It tells you a lot that by 1897 Chinuk Wawa was seen as an old-time language, in the towns.

an old time salutation

AN OLD-TIME SALUTATION. — D.B. Ward, Secretary of the Washington Pioneer Association has issued an address to the society urging those who have been remiss in active co-operation to renew their zeal, which he prefaces with the following salutation in the classic of pioneer days, the melifluous Chinook:

Klow ha yah Ancutty Tillacoom. La la
nika wake nannach mika;
Pe alta nika mammook sum copa mika.

Which interpreted means: “How are you, old-time friend. It has been a long time since I have seen you. And I, therefore, now write to you.”

— from the Olympia (WA) Washington Standard of December 10, 1897, page 2, column 1

That is, in modern Chinuk Wawa spelling à la Grand Ronde, ɬax̣áyam, ánqati tílixam. líli nayka wík nánich mayká pi álta nayka mamuk-t’sə́m kʰupa mayka.

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