“Cheechoko’s Dream” song

A misspelled Jargon word is a clue to some missing songs…

I found “Cheechoko‘s Dream” and “Cheechoko‘s Song” both mentioned in a college thesis completed a few months ago.

No luck yet finding a copy of the songbook it was published in. Anyone have really good library access during the Covid crunch?

The subject of the study, by the way, is The Mountaineers, a post-frontier club founded in 1906 Seattle — thus the easy analogies between “cheechakos” and (obviously Settler) mountain-climbing enthusiasts.

cheechoko 1

cheechoko 2

cheechoko 3

— from ” ‘To Worship Devoutly at the Shrine of Beauty’: Artistic Productions of the Seattle Mountaineers Club, 1910-1935″ by Arabella Matthews (2019: MA thesis in History, Simmons College), pages 37-39

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qʰáta mayka tə́mtəm?