1909: City folks had forgotten Chinuk Wawa, Quinaults didn’t know English

Quinault female profile by Edward S Curtis

Quinault woman who may have been there in 1909 (image credit: WikiVisually)

A reprint article credited only “Exchange” tells of some white city folks visiting Taholah on the Quinault Indian Reservation a generation after the frontier era.

Never a big focus of settlement activity, Northwest Washington state was still quite a backwater.

The cities had left their pioneer past far behind.

And so, communication was not easy.

taholah 1909

We visited some of the Indians and their houses, examined their basket work, and said something nice about their babies. They do not seem to understand much English and we tried to remember some Chinook jargon without much success.

— from the Chemawa (OR) Weekly Chemawa American of October 29, 1909, page 8, column 2

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