Jan. 1: Happy Jesus’ Circumcision

circumcision of jesus

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“Happy New Year” in Chinuk Wawa might surprise you!

Read this personal message from the priest, Father Le Jeune of Kamloops, in his “Chinook Book of Devotions throughout the Year”:

january 1

< January 1. >

< Circumcision of J.C. >

          Ukuk son Nyu Iiir.
‘Today is New Year’s.’

          “Naika tiki pus maika tlus ukuk
‘ “I want you to be good this’

chi Nyu Iiir; naika tiki pus wik maika
‘new New Year’s; I want you to not’

sik, pus wik maika klahawiam, pi
‘be sick, to not be miserable, and’

pus maika klatwa Ø sahali ilihi pus
‘for you to go (to) heaven when’

maika mimlus.”
‘you die.” ‘

kata maika tomtom?
What do you think?