3rd week of Advent: a Bible reading


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Here’s another kind-of-translation of the Christian Bible into Chinuk Wawa…

…it’s said to be appropriate for this time in the Catholic liturgical calendar.

epistle phil 4

     Ukuk son Sint Pol wawa kopa nsaika:
Today Saint Paul says to you folks: 

Tilikom: mamuk yutl msaika tomtom kopa
Friends: make your hearts glad for 

ST: wiht naika wawa, mamuk yutl
God: again I say, make glad 

msaika tomtom. Tlus kanawi tilikom komtaks
your hearts. Let everyone know 

msaika kikuli tomtom: nsaika taii wik saia
(of) your humble heart: our chief is near 

alta. Wik msaika ayu tomtom: kopit pus
now. Don’t have doubts: only if 

msaika styuil kopa ST, pi wawa mirsi
you pray to God, and say thanks 

kopa iaka, pi wawa iaka pus iaka mamuk klah=
to him, and ask him to have mer-

epistle phil 4 bawiam pi pus iaka hilp msaika, pi tlus pus
cy and to help you, will it be right for 

ST tlus nanich pi mamuk lait msaika tomtom
God to watch over and light up your hearts 

pus msaika kwanisim yutl tomtom kopa ShK
so that you (can) always be glad-hearted in Jesus Christ 

nsaika taii.
our chief. 

— from the “Chinook Book of Devotions”, pages 12-13

Here’s your Philippians 4 challenge: you can compare the above with an English version of the Bible text.

You will find differences 🙂

What do you think?