So 2 chiefs + a priest go to Europe: part 50

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Frank Savona's ferry circa 1885

Savona’s Ferry, BC


Savona, Italy


solt shok. Drit aias tlus tawn ukuk Marsiii tawn, mitlait ayu aias
ocean. It’s a really beautiful town, this Marseille town; there are lots of

tlus styuil haws; pi wik kata nsaika lili mitlait; wik saia
beautiful churches; but we couldn’t remain long; near

sitkom son, nsaika wiht klatwa kopa trin, pi iht tintin pi
noon, we again got on a train, and at one-

sitkom kopit sitkom son nsaika tlap kopa iht tawn iaka nim Tulon
thirty in the afternoon we got to a town called Toulon,

<Toulon, 102000> tilikom. <x> Iawa mitlait Sin Antwan iaka
[with] 102,000 people. That is where St Anthony’s

tanas haws, ukuk Luis Bufii iaka haws: nsaika klatwa styuil kopa
little house is located, that is Louise Bouffier‘s house; we went to pray to

Sin Antwan; ukuk tlus klushmin, Luis, iaka drit tlus tomtom kopa
St. Anthony; this good woman Louise was really kind to

nsaika: iaka patlash ayu lishapli, pi ayu piktyur pi ayu mali kopa
us; she donated many rosaries, many pictures and many medals to

naika. Naika lolo ukuk mali kopa Rom, pus lipap mamuk blish klaska.
me. I carried those medals to Rome, for the pope to bless them.

Nsaika mitlait iht pulakli kopa ukuk tawn, pi tumoro wik
We stayed a night in that town, and the next day

saia tatilam tintin nsaika klatwa kopa trin wiht
near ten o’clock we got on a train again.


     <Nice. x Monaco. x Vintimille.>

     <Sept. 29.> Sin Mishil iaka aias son. Naika lamis
     Sept. 29. St Michael’s feast day. I said mass

tanas son kopa sistir haws kopa Tulon tawn. <x> Sitkom son
in the morning at a convent in Toulon town. At midday

nsaika nanich iht aias tawn, iaka nim Nis, <Nice>, drit
we visited a big town called Nice, [with] really

ayu tilikom, <105000>. <x> Tanas saia wiht nsaika
a lot of people, 105,000. A little ways further still, we

nanich iht tanas tawn, iaka nim Monako, iaka ilo Frinsh, pi ilo
saw a small town called Monaco, whichi is neither French nor

Italian: iaka mitlait govirnmint kopit iht iaka, kopit <15000> tilikom.
Italian; it has a government all by itself, [with] only 15,000 people.

Tlun tintin kopit sitkom son, nsaika kro kopa Vintimil, iawa chako
At three o’clock in the afternoon, we arrived at Ventimiglia; there,

kopit Frinsh ilihi, pi iawa nsaika tlap kopa Italian ilihi. Ilo
French territory comes to an end, and there we got to Italian territory. It’s not

aias ukuk Vintimil tawn. Iawa nsaika kuli kopa Italian ilihi, pi
big, this Ventimiglia town. There we were traveling in Italian land, and

nsaika ayu kolan Italian wawa. <x>
we were hearing the Italian language.


     <Genoa. x Pisa.>

     Kopa <8> tintin pulakli nsaika tlap kopa iht tawn iaka nim
     At 8 o’clock in the evening we got to a town called

Savona: iaka ilihi Frank Savona, pi iaka patlash nim kopa Savona Firi.
Savona; it was Frank Savona‘s hometown, and he gave the name to Savona’s Ferry [BC].

Kopa tatilam tintin, nsaika tlap kopa Shinova, iht aias
At ten o’clock, we got to Genoa, a big

tawn, klaska wawa pus <250000> tilikom. Iawa stishon
town, they say supposedly 250,000 people. There the station

haws mitlait sitkom sahali pi sitkom kikuli kopa ilihi.
house stands half above and half below ground.

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