So 2 chiefs + a priest go to Europe, pt. 49

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Raising of Lazarus

…kanawi kah kopa windo, pi kopa laport, pi kopa tintin haws, ukuk
…everywhere from the windows, and from the doors, and from the belfries, these

styuil haws chako patl kopa iliktrik lait; ayu wiht tilikom kuli
churches were filled with electric light; many more people traveled [in a]

prosisshon, lolo kantl kopa klaska lima, kakwa iaka drit aias
procession, carrying candles in their hands, so

tlus ukuk ilihi pus pulakli.
this place was really beautiful at night.


     <Sept. 27.> Tanas son, kwinam tintin pi sitkom
     Sept. 27. In the morning, at five-thirty,

nsaika gitop, pi taham tintin pi sitkom naika lamis kopa Kript
we got up, and at six-thirty we had mass in the Crypt

drit sahali kopa kah ankati Tlus Mari mitwit kopa Groto.
right above where St Mary once stood in the Grotto.

Kopit styuil, nsaika wiht klatwa kopa Groto; nsaika wiht
After praying, we again went to the Grotto; we again

makmak ukuk chok; Silista pi Lui mamuk patl mokst botl kopa ukuk
drank that water; Celestin [Chillihitzia] and Louis filled two bottles with that

chok; kimta nsaika mamuk lakrwa oihat kopa styuil haws
water; after that, we performed the Way of the Cross at a church

iaka patl kopa tilikom; alta nsaika wawa klahawiam kopa
that was full of people; then we said goodbye to

ukuk aias tlus ilihi, pi sitkom son nsaika kilapai kopa stishon
this beautiful place, and at midday we returned to the station

pi nsaika kuli wiht kopa trin. Nsaika kuli kanawi ukuk
and we traveled by train once again. We traveled all that

son pi kanawi ukuk pulakli. Ayu aias tawn mitlait kopa
day and all that night. There were many big towns along

nsaika oihat; Tarb, <26000> tilikom; Tulus, <150000>;
our way: Tarbes, [with] 26,000 people; Toulouse, 150,000;1

Karkason, <30000>; Sīt <33000>; Narbon <28000>;
Carcassonne, 30,000; Cette [Sète], 33,000; Narbonne, 28,000;

Bisii, <52000>; Monpilii <75000>; Nim <80000>;
Béziers, 52,000; Montpellier, 75,000; Nimes, 80,000;

Arl, <30000>;
[and] Arles, 30,000.

     <Marseilles. Toulon.>

     <Sept. 28.> Kwinam tintin, tanas son, nsaika tlap
Sept. 28. At five o’clock in the morning, we got

kopa Marsiii, drit aias tawn, <491000> iaka tilikom.
to Marseille, a really big city, with 491,000 people.

Nsaika klatwa styuil kopa iht haha styuil haws mitlait kopa
We went to pray at a shrine located on

iht mawntin, sahali kopa tawn: kopa iawa nsaika nanich
a mountain above town; from there we could see

kanawi Marsiii tawn, pi solt chok kopa saia. Kopa ukuk
all of Marseille town, and the ocean farther off. At this

Marsiii tawn ankati kro Sin Lasar ukuk man ShK ankati mamuk gitop
Marseille town long ago there arrived St Lazarus, the man who Jesus once made to wake up

kopa mimlus, pi iaka sistirs Mart pi Mari Madlin. <x> Ukuk
from [being] dead, and his sisters Martha and Mary Magdalen. This

sahali styuil haws kah nsaika styuil, iaka nim Notr Dam
high church where we were praying was called Notre Dame

D Lagard, iawa Tlus Mari tlus nanich kopa Marsiii tawn pi
de la Garde; there St Mary watches over Marseille town and

wiht kopa kanawi tilikom klaska kuli kopa ukuk aias…
also over everyone who travels on that big…



1These cities are not listed in the order in which they were visited.