So 2 chiefs and a priest go to Europe, part 51

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“We saw a big stone building, called the Coliseum”

Rome 1904

Ukuk Shinova tawn iaka <151> kilomitir saia kopa Vintimil. <x> Mokst
This Genoa town is 151 kilometres away from Ventimiglia. For two

tintin nsaika wit kopa ukuk tawn; sitkom tintin kopit sitkom
hours we waited at this town; at half past

pulakli, nsaika tlap trin wiht, pi nsaika kuli <163> kilomitir, pi
noon, we caught a train again, and we traveled 163 kilometres, and

kopa taham tintin tanas son, nsaika tlap iht tawn iaka nim
at six o’clock in the morning we reached a town called

Pica, <175000> iaka tilikom. <x> Wik kata nsaika stop,
Pisa, which has 175,000 people. We couldn’t stop,

nsaika tiki aiak tlap kopa Rom: kakwa nsaika oihoi trin
we wanted to get to Rome soon; so we changed trains

pi sitkom tintin kimta nsaika kuli kopa Rom oihat. Rom
and a half-hour later we were traveling on the Rome line. Rome

iaka <333> kilomitir saia kopa Pica.
is 333 kilometres away from Pisa.


     <Sept. 30.> Kanawi ukuk nsaika kuli kopa Italian
     Sept. 30. [In] all this traveling of ours in Italian

ilihi, nsaika nanich ayu mawntin; trin ayu klatwa kopa tyunil
country, we saw many mountains; the train kept going through tunnels

kikuli kopa mawntin; nsaika nanich ayu tawn drit sahali kopa
beneath mountains; we saw lots of towns quite high on

mawntin: wik saia kanawi mawntin mitlait iht tawn sahali kopa
the mountains; nearly every mountain had a town up there on

iaka. <x> Kanawi ukuk son nsaika kuli kopa trin, pi wik saia
it. All that day we traveled by train, and near

pulakli, kopa lakit tintin nsaika alta kro kopa Rom.
night, at four o’clock, we then arrived at Rome.



Ukuk Rom tawn, <500000> iaka tilikom. Klaska
This Rome town has 500,000 people. It’s

wawa pus mitlait kopa Rom <365> styuil haws.
said that in Rome there are 365 churches.

Chi nsaika mash stishon, nsaika nanich iht aias
Once we left the station, we saw a big

ston haws: iaka nim Kolisiom.
stone building; it was called the Coliseum.



Naika tlap ayu tomtom pus naika nanish ukuk haws.
I got to thinking when I saw this building.

Ankati pus ShK wik saia mimlus, pus Pos Pilat mamuk kort
Long ago when Jesus was about to die, when Pontius Pilate

haws iaka, pi iaka wawa kopa lishuif: = Ikta nsaika mamuk
sentenced him, and he asked the Jews, “What shall we do

kopa ukuk man? <x> Kanawi lishuif wawa: = Mamuk mimlus
with this man?” all of the Jews answered, “Kill

iaka, mamuk nil iaka kopa lakrwa. <x> Pospilat wawa: = Wik
him, nail him to a cross!” Pontius Pilate replied,

naika tiki pus iaka pilpil ukuk man mitlait kopa naika lima. <x>
I don’t want this man’s blood to be on my hands”

Kanawi ukuk tilikom wawa: = Tlus iaka pilpil mitlait kopa[…]”
All those people answered, “Let his blood be on[…]”

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