So 2 chiefs & a priest go to Europe, part 52

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san pietro in vincoli

…nsaika pi kopa nsaika tanas. <x> Iawa Pospilat mamuk cim
…us and on our hands!” Then Pontius Pilate wrote [the order]

pus ShK mimlus kopa lakrwa. <x> Tlun tatilam pi kwinam sno kimta,
for Jesus to die on a cross. Thirty-five years later,

Roman kaptin lolo ayu solshirs kopa Shirusalim, iaka mamuk paia
a Roman captain brought a lot of soldiers to Jerusalem; he burned

Shirusalim tawn, iaka mamuk ilaitin ayu tilikom, pi lolo klaska
Jerusalem town; he made a lot of people slaves and took them

kopa Rom: iaka tiki sil klaska. Ankati klaska sil ShK
to Rome; he meant to sell them. Previously, Jesus was sold

kopa <30> tala: alta taii tiki sil <30> Shyus kopa iht
for 30 dollars; now the chief wanted to sell 30 Jews for one

tala, pi wik klaksta tiki makuk. <x> Iawa klaska mamuk tomtom
dollar, but nobody was interested in buying. Then they made up their minds

pi klaska iskom ukuk Shyus ilaitin pus mamuk ukuk aias
and they took those Jewish slaves to build this big

pli haws. <x> Ukuk aias pli haws iaka rawnd: iaka <725>
playhouse. This big playhouse is round; it’s 725

fut lon, <160> fut sahali, iaka <1730> fut rawnd. <x>
feet long, 160 feet tall, [and] 1,730 feet around.

Mitlait <64> aias laport. <x> Pus iaka kopit, klaska lolo
There are 64 big doors. When it was finished, they brought

ukuk Shyus tilikom klaska mamuk iaka kopa pli grawnd kikuli
Jewish people who had built it to the play-ground, below

<100000> tilikom mitlait kopa ukuk aias haws pus nanich
100,000 people who were in this big building to watch

pli: alta klaska mash ayu laians pi taigirs pus makmak ukuk
games; then they let out a lot of lions and tigers to eat those

Shyus tilikom.
Jewish people.

     Kimta, ayu styuil tilikom klaska mimlus kopa ukuk aias
     Afterward, many praying people [Christians] died in this big

pli haws; Sin Ingas, Sint Priska, Sint Martina, pi ayu
playhouse; St Agnes, St Prisca, St Martina, and many

wiht tilikom. Ukuk pli haws iaka ilihi chako haha kopa
more people. This playhouse’s ground became holy from

ukuk tilikom klaska pilpil.
those people’s blood.

     Wik kata naika siisim kanawi ukuk kopa ukuk tanas
     I can’t possibly tell all [about] it in this little



     <San Pietro in Vincoli.>

     Wik saia ukuk aias pli haws mitlait <O.M.I.>
     Near this big playhouse there is the OMI

liplit klaska haws, kah mitlait <60> tanas man klaska skul
priests’ house, where 60 young men live who are studying

pus alki liplit. Iawa nsaika klatwa, pi liplit iawa drit
to eventually be priests. That is where we went to, and the priests there were quite

tlus tomtom kopa nsaika: iawa nsaika slip pulakli; iawa
kind to us; there we spent the night; there

kopa klaska styuil haws, nsaika styuil tanas son.
at their church, we prayed in the morning.

     <Oct. 1.> Tanas son, kopa kwinam tintin, naika kolan
     Oct. 1. In the morning, at five o’clock, I heard

Lisash kopa ayu tintin. Ayu styuil haws kanawi kah kopa Rom[…]
the Angelus from a lot of bells. Many churches all over Rome[…]

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