kʰə́ltəs kʰámuksh in SW WA Salish?

We know that ‘dog’ is an insult in many Pacific NW Indigenous languages…


“No Good Dogs” by Ralph Steadman (image credit: Amazon.com)

So, in Chinuk Wawa’s old source language Lower Chehalis Salish, is the following an inspiration for CW, or inspired by CW, or both, or…?

xʷə́ƛ̓   x̣əs-áʔ-ɬ                   qáx̣ʔ táʔ-n-šən
really bad-Pejorative-very dog   that-one-there

“He’s just a common, mongrel dog!” (insulting someone)
literally ~ ‘that one there’s really an awful-bad dog’

It’s possible to translate this pretty much word-for-word into Chinuk Wawa:

drét   kʰə́ltəs     kʰámuksh yax̣ka
really worthless dog            (s)he.Emphatic

‘(s)he’s really a no-good dog’

The resemblances are quite something, aren’t they?

Bonus fact:

Elder Wilson Bobb had someone in mind when he gave us this expression using the above idiom:

kʰámuksh ɬaska, drét kʰámuksh ɬaska
‘They’re dirty dogs, real dogs.’

(From the 2012 dictionary of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.)

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
What do you think?