Monthly Archive: August, 2021

19th c.: THE BRITISH COLONIST (Part 1: Chinook as a big-city language)

1878: “Court of Assize: Before Mr. Justice Crease” is the headline…

Indigenizing the Katolik Styuil: Marriage and consent

Chinuk Wawa research got me thinking about the expression of consent…

Serendipity: Why it’s so perfect to find “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in CW

I won’t repeat the Chinook version of the US children’s rhyme, and song, “Mary Had a Little Lamb“, today.

1944: Rena V. Grant, “The Chinook Jargon, Past and Present” documents the early spread of CJ in BC

The English professor who discovered a lost Walt Whitman poem also wrote some good scholarly articles on Chinook Jargon.

More about the early-contact origin of elackiè ‘sea otter’

A couple of years ago, I argued for a Salish etymology of the rare old Chinuk Wawa word for ‘sea otter’, < elackiè >.

Implications of foreign in-laws: Against pre-contact CW

In all things, words have implications, and this applies to Chinuk Wawa’s history…

1923: “Indian Bob” and city folks’ amnesia

Alex Code of PoCo Heritage has shared another good Chinook Jargon find with us…

“Colonial Despatches” (Part 1: Seymour to Cardwell, 1865)

The University of Victoria has created a quite a neat online research tool called “Colonial Despatches: The Colonial Despatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, 1846-1871″.

“Iaka ukuk”, a LeJeuneism

I just want to go on record about a particular, very distinctive, expression seen quite a lot in the pages of Kamloops Wawa and associated books.

1882: Another Victoria CW court interpreter

Thanks to Sam Sullivan for this news clipping from the late frontier era.