Monthly Archive: August, 2021

1824: Journal of John Work, limited CW, and lack of pre-contact trade language

This journey from Baker Bay (Chinook territory on the far lower Columbia River) via Shoalwater Bay and the “Chihalis” (Chehalis) River, to the lower Fraser and back, took place a year before the… Continue reading

Another word for ‘baby’

I’ve previous noted the many words for ‘baby’ in Chinook Jargon.

“Colonial Despatches” (Part 2: the 1867 BC chiefs’ letter)

Here’s a new and improved post about a remarkable document that I’ve discussed previously.

1841: The Wilkes expedition and the earliest “artificial” CW place names

I’ve previously reported here, with some excitement, that the US Exploring Expedition commanded by Charles Wilkes documented Fort Vancouver-era place names on the lower Columbia River…

BC First Nations Chinuk Wawa: Who’s in charge of helping? It’s complicated

Linguistically, “helping” is a real, real interesting thing.

McArthur’s “Oregon Geographic Names” (part 7 of 8)

We’ve made a number of interesting discoveries as we’ve worked through the preceding six installments of this mini-series; now let’s see what awaits us in our next-to-last episode…

1795-1796: Bishop’s “Ruby” journals, and an amorphous NW Coast Jargon

I recently wrote a little about how Captain Charles Bishop’s ship “Ruby” may have been the first to linger in the Pacific Northwest, and thus may have inspired Chinuk Wawa.

1888: A sermon by Myron Eells (part 6 of 6)

Finishing up our deep look into Reverend Myron Eells’ quite fluent late-frontier Christian sermon addressed to a Native audience… 

Toward a deeper-rooted etymology of saplél

It should be a Sahaptian-family word, shouldn’t it, judging by where it was first documented?

Native people’s voices in “Kamloops Wawa” (Part 1 )

An argument between an Indigenous man and a priest in British Columbia…