Another word for ‘baby’

I’ve previous noted the many words for ‘baby’ in Chinook Jargon.


Kamloops’ first baby of 2021 (image credit: Kamloops This Week)

I’ve also noted the rarity of W.S. “El Comancho” Phillips’s < bebe > for this concept.

Today I’ve found corroboration for that word, in a BC Catholic hymn no less.

<20. O Ilep tloos tanaz.>

O ilip tlus tanas Shisyu!
‘Oh excellent child Jesus!’ 

Iakwa alta maika chako man.
‘Here now you’ve been born.’

O ilip tlus tanas bibi,
‘Oh excellent little baby,’

nsaika mamuk maika taii.
‘we respect you.’

— from page 83 of the “Chinook Manual” (Kamloops, BC, 1896)

This word < bibi > is another of the many then-recent borrowings from locally spoken English into Chinuk Wawa.

What do you think?
Kata maika tomtom?