Monthly Archive: January, 2020

Animacy, Salish, and Chinuk Wawa

In a paper published in 2007, I initially speculated that grammatical “animacy” in Chinuk Wawa would turn out to have something to do with Salish…

1856: A day late & a made-beaver short

Here’s someone so opionionated that he argues “it could never happen”, when discussing someone’s report of it happening…

1906: BC Dene talk Chinook

V.M. Scribner of Spokane, Washington wrote an informative letter to a sportsmen’s magazine editor, published as “A Good Game District”.

Why not pork? Or lard?

Why don’t we find (le) porc ‘pig’ from French in Chinuk Wawa?

Myron Eells speaks, Part 2 of 3

From 1882, another report from frontier Protestant missionary Myron Eells showing the importance of Chinuk Wawa in northern Puget Sound areas…

Etymology of pʰasáyuks

{Edited to add more information about “français” in North America…] The dictionary published in 2012 by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is the best you can get…

1901: Martha Douglas Harris’s “Chee-chee-ka” (Part 3)

As our story develops, we find signs of the author’s ties to old Fort Vancouver.

LBDB: Prose, not lyrics (Part 3)

More investigation into just how well Laura Belle Downey-Bartlett, author of a book of hard-to-sing Chinook Jargon songs, spoke the language…

1909: Quinault “Capoeman” & Chinook Jargon cops

As I work on a 1909 (and earlier) manuscript from a priest, I may be finding new news about the family name “Capoeman”.

“tiki kʰapa” is good Jargon for ‘love’

Certain occurrences in Chinuk Wawa stories etc. that I’ve remarked on as oddities…