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Chinook Jargon as a lying language: Hilbert 1983

A folk-linguistic stereotype of Chinuk Wawa that I’ve mostly been exposed to via conversations is that it’s a “liars’ language”.

On the source of tutúsh, or, help, I don’t understand Cree grammar!

Tutúsh ‘to nurse/suck; breast(s)/nipple; milk’ in Chinook Jargon is broadly acknowledged to trace back to an Algonquian source, back East.

Circa 1830s: Ross’s early Jargon “pig” is Salish

[Edited to correct the date — Ross resigned from the Hudsons Bay Co. in 1825, which pushes the date of the Salish pig back to Fort Vancouver times.] Far and away the most… Continue reading

“All these words…”: Found poetry about Chinuk Wawa

My readers know that I share Chinuk Wawa-related poetry sometimes, and much of it is awful, so here’s a lovely change of pace.

‘Balsam’, Canadian French, Salish, Chinookan, & Chinuk Wawa

Just a short note here on an ongoing puzzle in Chinook Jargon.

Resources on Canadian French

As much as I discuss the North American French origins of Chinook Jargon words, I should share the best resource I’ve found.

French-Chinuk Wawa body parts are creole

Most words of Canadian/Métis French that entered Chinuk Wawa carried the Definite Article (le/la/les) along with them…but not all. Why not all?

An alternate etymology for ‘fence’?

It’s been generally agreed that the Chinook Jargon word q’əláx̣(ən) ‘fence’ comes from Salish, but what if there’s more to the story?

1898: Chinuk Wawa in a Stó:lō hymn book (part 2)

Continuing our mini-series on the Chinook Jargon found in the “Indian Methodist Hymn-Book“…

1882: New Year, new church (Myron Eells speaks, Part 1 of 3)

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