Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa in the “Kalapuya Texts” (part 2: More CW words)

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In part 1 of this mini-series, we saw the list put together by Melville Jacobs of the Chinuk Wawa words he noticed being used in K’alapuyan languages by the speakers he was presenting.

There, we’ve already seen a new discovery or two.

But there are still more no-doubt Jargon items that Jacobs forgot to put into his “Chinook Jargon words” list in the first place, and these get quite interesting as well.

With these, we go beyond Jacobs’ list of nouns, also getting into some Jargon-loaned conjunctions and interjections (WordPress doesn’t like all the formatting I tried putting onto these, sorry!):

  • aʙ(that is, with a raised small “i” after it) / aʙa ‘or’, in an expression ‘a woman or a man’, page 296 (cf. Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa ə́bə ‘or (in the sense of “either…or…”)’; the first pronunciation strikes me as older because it’s slightly closer to the Canadian French original ou bien)
  • aⁿhaⁿ‘yes’, page 217 (cf. GRCW áhá ‘OK; alright; yes!’); note that nasalized vowels such as these are not a normal part of K’alapuyan phonology
  • ʙaʹcicɢʷa ‘blankets’, e.g. page 183 — hat tip to Jedd Schrock for this (cf. GRCW pásisi)
  • ci’k’ʷalala / ci’q’ʷalala ‘guns’, page 192 (cf. GRCW sə́qwalala)
  • ku•’t ‘dresses’, page 192 (cf. GRCW kʰút)
  • licω•’l ‘shawl’, page 192 (cf. GRCW líshól)
  • malax̣ ‘platters’ (used unprefixed), page 302 (cf. GRCW málax̣ ‘pan; tinware; the dishes)
  • muwatwas ‘Modoc(s)’, page 336 (cf. GRCW múwátʰwas)
  • t’a’multc ‘bushel(s)’page 171 (cf. GRCW t’ámúlch)

That’s a fairly impressive list, in any case.

But we can add quite a few more items to it…as you’ll be seeing in the upcoming installments in this mini-series!

What have you learned?