24 December, the “Vigil at Christmas”

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My readers know I’ve gifted them a good deal of information about “Christmas” in Chinuk Wawa…

…and here is even more!

How to say “Christmas Eve”: vigil of xmas

<24> Disimbir
’24th December’

<The vigil of Christmas.>

Vishil kopa Krismas. Likarim.
‘Vigil (Eve) at Christmas. Lent’

And a short explanation of it in Jargon:

vigil of xmas 2

Ukuk son msaika komtaks pus nsaika
‘Today you folks hear about our’

taii chako pus mamuk klahawiam kopa
‘chief coming to take pity on’

nsaika, pi tumoro msaika nanich kata
‘us, and tomorrow you’ll see how’

aias haha iaka = Nsaika taii, iaka
‘very sacred he is. = Our chief, he’s’

taii kopa ukuk ilihi pi kopa kanawi ikta
‘chief to this earth and to everything’

mitlait kopa ukuk ilihi, pi kopa kanawi wiht
‘that is on this earth, and also to all’

tilikom[.] Glori[.]
‘the people. Glory!’

— from Father Le Jeune’s “Chinook Book of Devotions”, page 19

Kata msaika tomtom?
What do you think?