Monthly Archive: June, 2018

Were you horse-stealing?

The humor in this Chinuk Wawa quote is left untranslated, as usual in frontier times when the readers who mattered would understand it anyway!

La cingle, or la ceinture?

George Gibbs’s influential 1863 dictionary of Chinuk Wawa supplies etymologies.

Share my fire

When “house porn” and Chinuk Wawa collide:

Notice to school taxpayers

A page filled with sober legal notices and memorials is livened up with this late-frontier civic message:

Early settlers to Oregon Indians: wait for a hyass Boston tyee

Wow! File under #treaties, and more.

Ferrin’ languages

I think I just opened a time capsule!

1954 Seattle refrigerating engineer’s speech in Chinuk Wawa

Of all the odd places to find a Chinuk Wawa text!

Siwash pilgrims

Mighty patronizing, but I think revenge gets had, and there’s some good data here.

Vintage Chinuk Wawa in the New York Times, 1866

This urbane reporter perceived “German” in Chinuk Wawa near Grand Ronde and Siletz, maybe because of the “ch” sounds!

And speaking of circuses…! Why Granville Stuart’s “Montana As It Is” is so rarely seen

Hold on to your Stetsons, buckaroos, this one is gonna take you for a wild ride!