Notice to school taxpayers

A page filled with sober legal notices and memorials is livened up with this late-frontier civic message:

notice to school taxpayers


The 60 days provided by the statute have expired aud the unpaid taxes would have become delinquent, but the directors extended the time for a few days. So hiac charco potlatch chickamin copa nica.

E. HOLGATE, Clerk.

— from the Corvallis (OR) Gazette of November 04, 1892, page 4, column

hiac charco potlatch chickamin copa nica = háyáq cháku pátlach chíkʰəmin kʰapa náyka = soon come give money to me = ‘Come and pay up right away!’

A nice independent confirmation of the Oregon Chinuk Wawa expression potlatch chickamin for ‘pay’.