Monthly Archive: October, 2016

English ads in Chinook writing

A quirky by-product of operating a Chinook Jargon newspaper supported mostly by English-speaking merchants: Advertisements in English-language Chinuk pipa shorthand. Check it out, nasal vowels and all! Can you imagine yourself writing English phonetically?  I’ve… Continue reading

Raper, Raper, & Co. to the rescue

Emphases and explications added freely by yr editor. — DDR I’m inferring that someone got on this Nanaimo newspaper reporter’s case about his poor command of Chinook Jargon. Look at the timing of… Continue reading

Chinese case at Osoyoos

A short note today on a 4-step chain of interpreters in a court case involving folks of several cultures. The case was an interesting one, there being two Chinese and one Chinook and… Continue reading

Jack you patlach me shirt

“Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Herald during the Years 1845-1851: Under the Command of Captain Henry Kellett Being a Circumnavigation of the Globe…” (volume 1) by Berthold Seemann (London: Reeve and Co.,… Continue reading