Merry Christmas!

Miri Krismas (3)

<Miri Krismas> kopa msaika.

<Miri Krismas> kopa msaika!  <Merry Christmas> to you folks!

My gift to you is the first-ever Christmas story to be written in Chinuk pipa shorthand.

I hope you’ll enjoy how it ties together Chinuk Wawa history and the holiday season!

Christmas at Shushwap.
(Kamloops Wawa #64, 5 February 1893, page 22)

Christmas KW 64 at Shushwap (2)

Disimbir <17, ’92>
December 17th of ’92,

nsaika klatwa kopa Shushwap. = Shushwap tilikom aiak shako
we [Father Le Jeune] went to Shuswap Lake. = The Shuswap people quickly

kanamokst pi Sondi haws shako patl. = Kopa Shushwap nsaika patlach
gathered till the church filled up. = At Shuswap Lake we gave

kopa tilikom ukuk likatishism ankati liplit mamuk komtaks kopa klaska
the people that catechism that the previous priest had taught them

Nsaika mamuk tsim kanawi kopa Shinuk pipa pi kanawi tilikom alta
We wrote it all up in Chinook shorthand and everyone can now

mamuk likatishism kopa ukuk. = Wiht nsaika patlash kopa klaska
do the catechism with it. = We also gave them

ukuk shanti kopa lamas Gloria in Iksilsis. Nsaika mamuk
that hymn for mass, Gloria in Excelsis. We

tsim ukuk shanti kopa pipa pi klaska aiak shako komtaks. =
wrote that song on paper and they quickly learned [it]. =

<100> tilikom kopa Kamlups aias tiki nanish Krismas styuil pi klaska
100 people from Kamloops dearly wanted to see the Christmas prayers so they

shako kopa Shushwap. = <300> tilikom klaska lahanshut kopa
came to Shuswap Lake. = 300 people made confession at

Shushwap, pi <110> iskom Å kopa sitkom pulakli lamas. = Pus
Shuswap Lake, and 110 received communion at midnight mass. = Once

kopit Krismas nsaika kilapai kopa Kamlups pi ayu mamuk kopa Shinuk
Christmas was finished we returned to Kamloops and worked a lot on the Chinook

pipa kanamokst Anshil Idwar pi Ima Hari.
paper with Angèle Edward and Emma Harry.

Let me leave to your festivities with this image of the hymn just mentioned, Gloria in Iksilsis Dio in shorthand 🙂 It’s from KW #120b, September 1894, page 162, “Royal Mass in Plain Chant”– yes, Father Le Jeune was teaching Indigenous people Gregorian chants!*

Gloria in iksilsis dio (2)

Glo˙ri˙a in ikssilsis Dio.
Gloria in excelsis Deo.

It in tirra paks o˙minibyus boni volonta=
Et in terra pax hominibus bonae volunta=

tis. Lodamyus ti. Binidisi˙myus ti.
tis. Laudamus te. Benedicimus te.

Adoramyus ti. Glorifi˙ka=myus ti
Adoramus te. Glorificamus te.

Best wishes from Robertson ye linguist!

*”Mournful Oatmeal: It’s the breakfast you deserve…”