Dictionary briefed for Forest Service officers

Of historical value:

Edwin Eells

Another no-comment post, from one column to the right of yesterday’s. Fun stuff 🙂  

Nica Ancutta Tilicum

Oldtimers getting sentimental in Jargon.

Nootka Jargon verb+verb compounds => Chinuk Wawa?

Quite a number of basic, very old Chinuk Wawa words that we know came from “Nootka Jargon” nonetheless have remained hard to find exact etymologies for.

Did you know? Another early prefix

Implicit in the Grand Ronde tribes’ 2012 dictionary, proved by historical data, contrary to expectations of pidgins: another early prefix in Chinuk Wawa.

ná ‘here, take this’ is from Vancouver Island

Maybe it’s a worldwide tendency, like how words for ‘mother’ often have “M” in them…but Chinuk Wawa’s interjection ná ‘here; take this’ etc. is an Aboriginal word from the Vancouver Island, Canada, area.

=na “Yes/No Question” from Proto-Salish *nə

A new etymological discovery:

Little old hayas-

The other day, I mentioned some 1890’s quoted Chinuk Wawa:

Siletz fellas raking in Grand Rounde’s money

With the confusing punctuation that typified Chinuk Wawa in newspapers…

Tinker to Evers to…Tinker?!

Tinker to Evers…and back to Tinker?! Reborrowing words after your language gave them away? It happens. “Long time no see.” “Can do.” “Pidgin.”