Cayuse French, it’s a thing

This summer I came into grateful possession of Mitford Mathews’ “Dictionary of Americanisms”, where you know I scoured around for Chinook Jargon-related words.  There’s a lot that’s of interest, including the entry for… Continue reading

Hayu masi, shawash ili’i pi chinook kanim tilixam

hayu masi, shawash ili’i pi chinook kanim tilixam, pus msayka munk-miłayt msayka shati kʰapa Spotify. msayka munk pus hayu nayka təmtəm qʰanchi na hayu-munk-hilu-ili’i nsayka málax̣ 🙂

Magnificat in lingua Chinook

Dave’s note: This post accidentally went public before I was done with it. Sorry for the confusion, and enjoy this valuable Jargon document now that it’s finished! An unusual find is this Chinuk Wawa… Continue reading

“Houn’ Dawg” song originated in Oregon

Today’s post was one of my favorites to write.  It started with finding a Chinook song I hadn’t known before (always a thrill!), and it only got better as I followed the historical… Continue reading

Preschoolers speaking Chinuk Wawa…in 1925!

Thanks to Leland Bryant Ross for creating the JPG image of the newspaper article!  DDR FOUR-YEAR-OLD SPEAKS CHINOOK Indian Tongue Easy to Her as English! Infant prodigies aplenty have been found who could… Continue reading

Jimmy’s Kill, a Tsimshian tsall tsale

J.H. McGregor, “Jimmy’s Kill“.  BC Mining Record.  Christmas Supplement, 1900, pages 68-72. A narrative seemingly based on the writer’s actual experiences in far northwestern British Columbia, “Jimmy’s Kill” has dialogue that rings true… Continue reading

Mr. Bunker will employ good men at $3 a day, but no cultus men at any price

A nice bit of Chinook creeping into local English in the Kootenays: The Nelson (BC) Miner of Saturday, July 19th, 1890 run an article at the top of the middle of three columns on page… Continue reading

“A slave jargon exists among the Nez Percé Indians”

William Wallace Beach (ed.).  1877.  The Indian miscellany: Containing papers on the history, antiquities, arts…  Albany: J. Munsell. In Albert S. Gatschet’s article here, “Indian languages of the Pacific states and territories”, page 444  brings… Continue reading

As long as it is not a black eye it will be all right

The very first issue of the Chinook Wawa newspaper, Kamloops Wawa, came out on May 2 of 1891.  From the very start, its editor Father Le Jeune’s sense of humor shows.  (Read on.)  … Continue reading

Jargon Chinook sitkum-san-tali

“Tɨmnákni tímat (writing from the heart): Sahaptin discourse and text in the speaker writing of Xílux̣in”: An excellent MA thesis by a longtime Chinuk Wawa friend, Phil Cash Cash, who some of you will remember… Continue reading