1892: Tacoma pseudo-CW football cheer

I’ve reported a number of times on oldtime sports yells that tried to sound “savage” — sometimes in the Northwest by using Chinuk Wawa.


The Tacoma Athletic Club football team (image credit: GNFA Football)

Here’s an addition to that genre, but it’s fake Chinook:


Black and cream were the Tacoma colors, and their call was of the Siwash tongue: “Wah-hoo-wah-wah-hoo-wah-Tack-o-mah!”

— from the Seattle (WA) Post-Intelligencer of January 2, 1892, page 3, column 1

This same yell was reported in the P-I several months later as being “an adaptation of the Chinook“.

Now, Siwash is CW sawash ‘Native’.

You might argue that wah-wah is Jargon (wawa ‘speak’ or even ‘yell’).

But now tell me what the rest of the cheer means…

Here’s almost the same football cheer being used by a Los Angeles, California team two weeks later. Not likely to be Chinook, in that region!

qʰata mayka təmtəm?
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