Mamuk-rop vs. mamuk-k’aw: a matter of life and death

You’d be forgiven (ego te absolvo) for expecting that < mamuk k’aw > (literally ‘make tied’) and < mamuk rop > (literally ‘make rope(d)’) are synonyms…

judas hangs

Shudas mamuk rop iaka itluil (image credit: Wikipedia)

…But that’s far from being the case. 

Let’s compare the two expressions in actual use:

Jesus in the hands of a mob:

Pi klaska mamuk k’aw iaka pus lolo iaka
‘And they tied him up to carry him’ 

kopa Pos Pilat.
‘to Pontius Pilate.’

— from the Chinook Book of Devotions, page 119

The death of Judas:

Pi iaka mash ukuk chikmin kopa styuil
‘And he threw that money into the prayer-‘

haws pi iaka klatwa, iaka mamuk rop iaka
‘house and he went, he hanged him-‘

itluil, pi iaka mimlus.
‘self, and he died.’

— from a few sentences later on the same page 

There are enough known occurrences of this < mamuk lop/rop > in BC Chinook Wawa to establish that it meant ‘hanging’, usually as a means of judicial execution. 

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