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Siletz church, 1915: English in the AM, creolized Chinook in the PM

Today: a short news paragraph leads us to some deep Jargon connections…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 9)

Our case keeps solidifying…

1891: Women spoke Chinese Pidgin English, too!

The West Coast variety of Chinese Pidgin English was only spoken by men, you’d think from the gender ratio you’ve been seeing on this site…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (part 8)

The theme keeps solidifying, of Franz Boas’s excellent skill at making out the gist of an Indigenous text.

Chemawa’s Ramona literary club has a Chinook Jargon yell

Taking part in a big post-frontier Pacific Northwest trend, Chemawa Indian School had a school cheer in Chinook Jargon. 

1870 BC humour: Pardon my Chinook, but I have legislative aspirations

“A philosophical miner” in the frontier gold-rush era uses some Chinook Jargon to tell his creditor it’s doubtful he can repay them…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Texts” (Part 7)

Today’s installment of this mini-series brings us a Chinook song that’s my favorite of the bunch due to its humour…

1940s, Cow Creek: Growing up with “English, French, & Chinuk Wawa”

Chinuk Wawa really held on in some backwater areas…

Re-evaluating Boas’s 1888 “Chinook Songs” (Part 6)

Discoveries about Chinuk Wawa since 1888 show that there’s a lot more happening in these songs than Dr. Boas’s article recognized. 

Shooting affair at Dog Creek

For a short news article, there’s plenty to chew on here.