Advent, in Chinuk Wawa


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How about a small, timely piece of Jargon reading practice?


Ukuk lakit Sondi ilip kopa Krismas,
These four weeks before Christmas, 

klaska nim Advint.
they’re called Advent.

Ikta ukuk Advint? = Advint, kakwa
What is this Advent? = Advent, it’s as 

pus wawa: alki chako: nawitka,
if to say: “will come”: in fact, 

alki chako ST tanas mamuk shəch
God the child will come to judge 

kanawi tilikom.
all people.

Wiht Advint: alki chako ST tanas:
Also Advent is “God the child will be born”:

lakit Sondi pi nsaika nanich iaka chi
in four weeks we will see him newly 

chako tanas kopa Bitliim, pus tolo nsaika.
born at Bethlehem, to win (save) us. 

Wiht Advint: alki chako ST tanas
Also Advent is “God the child will come 

kopa nsaika tomtom pus nsaika iskom iaka
into our hearts for us to accept him 

kopa 1 kopa Krismas pulakli.
through the eucharist on Christmas night.”

Kakwa nsaika iskom ukuk lakit Sondi pus
So we take these four weeks to 

mamuk tlus nsaika tomtom, pi nsaika iskom
clean up our hearts, and we take 

ShK kopa nsaika tomtom pus iaka chako
Jesus Christ inot our hearts for him to be 

tanas kopa Krismas pulakli.
born on Christmas night. 

Ikta mamuk lakit Sondi kopa Advint?
Why are there four weeks in Advent? 

= Ankati tilikom lakit tawsan sno
= The old-time people, four thousand years 

klaska wit, pi ST tanas chako kopa
they waited, until God the child came to 

ukuk ilihi: kakwa alta nsaika iskom
this earth: so now we take 

lakit Sondi pus mamuk tlus nsaika tomtom:
four weeks to prepare our hearts: 

kakwa iht tawsan sno iht Sondi.
like a thousand years a week.

— from the Chinook Book of Devotions throughout the Year, page 1

1 This symbol is U+F0C5, a.k.a. decimal symbol 60637, here inserted via the “Symbol” font, a circle with a plus sign inside it, used in Chinuk pipa shorthand for the word likalisti ‘the eucharist/host’.

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