So two chiefs and a Catholic priest travel to Europe… (part 2)

chief louis of kamloops

(Previous installment here.)

     <14> Ogyust nsaika kro kopa Liish: <18> son alta

nsaika mitlait iakwa. Mitlait <9> lisivik, pi <60>

liplit pi ayu wiht brothir kopa ukuk haws.

     Ukuk lisivik pi liplit chako kopa kanawi kah ilihi:

kopa Nort Wist, kopa Kanada, kopa Boston Ilihi, kopa

Shirman Ilihi, pi Pasaiks Ilihi, kopa Italia Ilihi; wiht

kopa Sawt Afrika, pi kopa Ostrilia, pi kopa Silon Ilihi.

     Klaska chako iakwa kanawi kanamokst, mamuk tomtom

kanamokst; nanich ikta klaska mamuk kopa kanawi ukuk

ilihi, pus tolo tilikom kopa ST: drit aias

tlus pi aias haha klaska mamuk: ilo kopa kaltash

klaska chako: kanawi son tanas son klaska mitlait

tlun tintin ayu wawa kanamokst; wiht kakwa pus

kopit sitkom son, tlun tintin wiht klaska wawa kana=

mokst. Pus iaka drit kopit klaska mamuk, iawa klaska kilapai

kanawi kopa klaska ilihi.


     Tlus msaika patlach ukuk pipa kopa kanawi klaska

komtaks Shinuk pipa, pus klaska chako komtaks kah nsaika

kuli. Alki pus nsaika kilapai, nsaika tlap ayu siisim

kopa msaika. Alta tlus nanich pus msaika kwanisim

skukum tomtom kopa ST pi kopa styuil.

     Nsaika tomtom, kopa Novimbir mun nsaika kilapai kopa

Kamlups. Alki wiht naika mash pipa kopa msaika, siisim

kata wiht alki nsaika kuli.


     Putush hohwait n Tkamlups.

          Nshawa Lui shif

               Nshawa l Silista

                         Nshawa l Pir Lshyun


     On the 14th of August we arrived at Liege: for 18 days now

we’ve been here.  There are 9 bishops, and 60

priests and many brothers at this house.

     These bishops and priests come from countries all over:

from North-West [Territories of Canada], from [Eastern] Canada, from the USA, from

Germany, and France, from Italy; also

from Southern Africa [actually Namibia], and from Ceylon.

They all met up, to consult

together; to see what they are doing in all those

countries, in order to win people over to God: it’s really very

good and very holy, what they’re doing: not for nothing

did they come: every day in the morning they sit

for three hours talking together; it’s also like that in

the afternoon, for three hours more they talk to-

gether.  When their work is quite done, then they will return

each to his country.


Please, you folks, give this newspaper to anyone

who knows the Chinook writing, so they can learn where we

are traveling.  Eventually when we return, we will get lots of news

from you folks.  Now make sure you folks keep on

honoring God and prayer.

We think, in the month of November we will be returning to

Kamloops.  Later I’ll send another letter to you folks, telling

how our further travels are.


[The remainder of the page is in Shuswap Salish:] Goodbye everyone at Kamloops.

I am Lui Chief.

I am that Celestin [Johnny Chillihitzia].

I am that Pere Le Jeune.