So two chiefs and a priest travel to Europe, part 3

(Previous intallment here.)  Again I’m publishing the Chinuk Wawa first, and a translation in a couple days.  Beat me to it with a comment below!

Pir Lshyun

Liish <25> Ogyust <04>.

<An unexpected Journey.>

Wik naika tomtom pus naika kuli kopa saia ilhi.
I hadn’t expected to travel abroad.

Kopa Shun <23>, kanawi liplit mitlait kanamokst kopa Wis=
On June 23rd, all the priests who were meeting at [New] West-

minstir, klaska mamuk nim naika pus klatwa kopa saia ilihi,
minster named me [Father Le Jeune] to go abroad,

lolo klaska wawa pi klaska tomtom kopa nsaika ilip taii liplit
to carry their words and their thoughts to our head chief priests

kopa saia ilihi.

Silista Shilhitsa, pus iaka chako komtaks ukuk
Celestin [Chief Johnny] Chillaheetza, when he came to hear this, 

iaka chako tomtom aias tlus pus iaka kuli saia kanamokst
got the idea that it would be excellent for him to travel abroad with 

naika: iaka aias tiki klatwa kopa Lurd, wiht iaka tiki
me: he badly wanted to go to Lourdes, he also wanted 

klatwa nanich lipap. Pi wik tlus pus iaka kopit iht kuli
to go see the pope.  But it wouldn’t do for him alone to travel 

kanamokst naika, kakwa iaka wawa kopa tai Lui Kamlups, pi
with me, so he spoke with chief Louis [of] Kamloops, and 

mokst kanamokst klaska mamuk klaska tomtom klatwa kopa saia
the two together decided to go 



Ilip naika kuli nanich kanawi naika tilikom, kopa SShB,
First I visited all my people, at St John the Baptist [Chu Chua/North Thompson],

kopa Shushwap, kopa Wisminstir, kopa Skishistin, kopa Nikola.
at Shuswap [Lake], at [New] Westminster, at Skeetchestn [Deadman’s Creek], at Nicola [Lake].

Sondi nait Shulai <17>, naika kilapai kopa Kamlups; Mondi <18>,
Sunday night July 17th, I returned to Kamloops; Monday the 18th, 

<150> tilikom lahanshut kopa Kamlups, pi Tyusdi <19>, <100>
150 people made confession at Kamloops, and Tuesday the 19th, 100 

iskom <0+>. Kopit styuil, kanawi tilikom chako iskom naika lima
took communion.  When prayers were done, everyone came to shake my hand

klahani kopa styuil haws.
outside the church.

Pus kopit makmak, taii Lui tiki nanich kanawi iaka tilikom
After a meal, chief Louis wanted to see all his people

kopa katikism haws: iaka wawa kopa klaska kata iaka tiki klatwa
in the catechism house: he told them how he wanted to go 

kanamokst liplit kopa saia ilihi pus nanich lipap. Kanawi man
with the priest abroad to see the pope.  All the men

klaska tlus tomtom kopa ukuk pi klaska mamuk hilp kopa iaka
thought well of this and they helped him 

iht ton tipso iht man, kanawi kanamokst <30> ton.
to the tune of a ton of hay per man, all together 30 tons.

Kopit sitkom son, ayu tilikom mitlait kopa liplit iaka haws
In the afternoon, a lot of people were at the priest’s house 

kopa Kamlups, pi kro kopa <6> oklak.
at Kamloops, up till 6 o’clock.