Lines by a klootchman

From the Steilacoom (Washington Territory) Puget Sound Herald, Friday, October 14, 1859, front page I reckon. This one’s what was in early 1960s pop music called an “answer song” ūüôā (If you don’t… Continue reading

The return of the Iron Pulpit

I just ran into a fine blog post–but missed the exhibition it reports–at the blog of UBC Press: The return of The Iron Pulpit: Missionary Printing Presses in British Columbia. Go. Read it.… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for the Chinook Jargon blog! Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,200… Continue reading

From Bulmer’s Preliminary geographical notes on the US

This blog’s reader Sam Sullivan sent in a draft translation of some really compelling material — a unique early attempt at education in Chinook Jargon: “From Bulmer’s Chinook, Vol. 5: Preliminary Geographical notes… Continue reading

New Year’s blessings

This time of year I’m counting the blessings life brings my way: Jack Nisbet’s “Boundaries” columns are one of the biggies for me. It’s amazing, when I pause to think of it, that… Continue reading

How to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon

Happy New Year! I love getting these quick little research questions from my readers! Someone asked me “how to say honeybee in Chinook Jargon”: The Grand Ronde¬†Chinuk Wawa¬†dictionary has this for ‘bee’– aŐĀnt įiyeŇā… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon translator

“Chinook Jargon translator” — affordable rates — email me at! Oh, maybe the people searching for that phrase and landing at my blog are looking for an online, computerized translator? There’s no… Continue reading

George Gibbs’ journal of Redick McKee’s expedition through northwestern California in 1851

George Gibbs’ journal of Redick McKee’s expedition through northwestern California in 1851. That’s the cover title. ¬†Edited and with annotations by Robert F. Heizer. ¬†Berkeley: Department of Anthropology, University of California, 1972. This… Continue reading

Visit to Skwamish, a CJ text

A few days ago, I blogged about TS Bulmer and a Chinook Jargon text of his from the Kamloops Wawa¬†newspaper. Reader Sam Sullivan of Vancouver, BC, courageously took up my challenge to try… Continue reading

Tilikums of Elttaes & the Seattle Potlatch boosters

The Tilikums of Elttaes were “a bunch of boosters“. ¬†Do you know more about them? ¬†Add it in a comment. Their early 20th-century organization was headed by a Hyas Tyee¬†or¬†Tyee Kopa Konaway. It… Continue reading