Hyou dams!

Mirabile visu, a book review turns juicy! Commenting at length on Horatio Hale’s 1890 revision of his 1846 (Wilkes) U.S. Exploring Expedition report, a Robert Brown tosses in some great s#!+ in Chinook that you’ve never read… Continue reading

Wine tea, a redundancy born of anachronism

When Kamloops Wawa  tells, on pages 21-22 of issue #118b (i.e. a whole ‘nother issue dated July 1894), the story of the wedding at Cana, we get an additional example of the old-fashioned talk that… Continue reading

The great Fraser River flood of 1894

The great Fraser River flood of 1894 impressed those affected sufficiently for it to get immediately labeled as “the big flood”. On the bright side, settlement was still pretty sparse so deaths were… Continue reading

Why would Frederic Remington use Chinuk Wawa?

The master of the “Western” genre in American painting, Frederic Remington (1861-1909), got most of his down-to-earth experience on the Plains: places like Nebraska and Montana. On a website like mine, you’ll expect… Continue reading

The Chinook Old Testament is full of Jesus!

Jesus or “ShK”, as Shisyu Kri is almost always abbreviated in the shorthand, has a surprising and enormous presence in the BC missionary text summarizing the contents of the Old Testament. (For my… Continue reading

The Education of Little Tree: how linguists can help expose fake Indians

The other day I picked up a copy of The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter; it’s a well-known fraud. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Education_of_Little_Tree) Let me show a linguist’s small contribution to the question of its authenticity.… Continue reading

This is what Old Testament Chinook is like

If you’re looking for a preacherly way to thunder at people in Chinook Jargon, you are in luck, comrade. Here’s how: Just like in English, you use outmoded ways of talking from long… Continue reading

Giving thanks in Chinuk Wawa

O nsaika drit yutl tomtom kopa nsaika tanas shako kopit sik. Nsaika wawa mirsi kopa ST kopa ukuk. “Oh, we’re really glad about our children recuperating. We thank God for it.”   …pi… Continue reading

Trial run of the Chinook Bible History, 5 years earlier

  5 years before it was published at Kamloops as a book, the Chinook Bible History in shorthand made a partial appearance in the Kamloops Wawa newspaper. At the end of one installment (KW#117, June… Continue reading

How many hearts? Ain’t no doubt.

Herewith, learn how the number of hearts ascribed to you in Chinook Jargon reveals your faith status. If you have blood coursing through your aorta yet, you will find this thrilling — and chillingly… Continue reading