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Tapahote! Hilu mayka shim!

My friend George Lang’s book “Making Wawa” (UBC Press, 2008) presents the exciting contribution of a previously unknown early Jargon manuscript. Pages 78-80 are photos of the “Ms. 195” wordlist, tentatively attributed to… Continue reading


Louis remarked, “When I get back home, I’m telling  my wife to set out two spoons and three knives,and three forks, for me to eat with: then I’ll be a real chief.” [Previous installment… Continue reading


Previous installment here.  Practice reading the Chinook Wawa below–I’ll add a translation when I post our next installment.  Click to “Follow” my blog, and you won’t miss any of the 64 installments!  … Continue reading

So two chiefs and a priest travel to Europe, part 4

Here’s page 4 of the narrative, Chinook first. You still have a chance to post a comment below, with your ideas for an English translation.  As I’ve been doing, I’ll add a translation… Continue reading

So two chiefs and a priest travel to Europe, part 3

(Previous intallment here.)  Again I’m publishing the Chinuk Wawa first, and a translation in a couple days.  Beat me to it with a comment below! Liish <25> Ogyust <04>. <An unexpected Journey.> Wik… Continue reading

So two chiefs and a Catholic priest travel to Europe… (part 2)

(Previous installment here.)      <14> Ogyust nsaika kro kopa Liish: <18> son alta nsaika mitlait iakwa. Mitlait <9> lisivik, pi <60> liplit pi ayu wiht brothir kopa ukuk haws.      Ukuk… Continue reading

Cayuse French, it’s a thing

This summer I came into grateful possession of Mitford Mathews’ “Dictionary of Americanisms”, where you know I scoured around for Chinook Jargon-related words.  There’s a lot that’s of interest, including the entry for… Continue reading

Hayu masi, shawash ili’i pi chinook kanim tilixam

hayu masi, shawash ili’i pi chinook kanim tilixam, pus msayka munk-miłayt msayka shati kʰapa Spotify. msayka munk pus hayu nayka təmtəm qʰanchi na hayu-munk-hilu-ili’i nsayka málax̣ 🙂

Preschoolers speaking Chinuk Wawa…in 1925!

Thanks to Leland Bryant Ross for creating the JPG image of the newspaper article!  DDR FOUR-YEAR-OLD SPEAKS CHINOOK Indian Tongue Easy to Her as English! Infant prodigies aplenty have been found who could… Continue reading

Chinook Jargon tux

A lot of people oddly wind up here because they were searching for “Chinook Jargon tux”. Some of you are shaking your heads perplexed. Some of you are chuckling. Folks are probably encountering… Continue reading