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Giving thanks in Chinuk Wawa

O nsaika drit yutl tomtom kopa nsaika tanas shako kopit sik. Nsaika wawa mirsi kopa ST kopa ukuk. “Oh, we’re really glad about our children recuperating. We thank God for it.”   …pi… Continue reading

How many hearts? Ain’t no doubt.

Herewith, learn how the number of hearts ascribed to you in Chinook Jargon reveals your faith status. If you have blood coursing through your aorta yet, you will find this thrilling — and chillingly… Continue reading

Mystery: “sorts” in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa

I’m putting this up in hopes one of you will jar my brain with a clue: Where does the word “sorts” in Kamloops Chinuk Wawa come from? Discovering it in the Kamloops Wawa newspaper (#116… Continue reading

I’m Chief William of Sugarcane, and I’m talking to you chiefs as if you were in my house with me..

A chief uses his influence to persuade other Native leaders to modernize their people with Chinook literacy. Istir Sondi. Shugar Kin Naika Wiam taii kopa Shugar Kin Naika mamuk ukuk pipa kopa maika… Continue reading

Why Father St. Onge isn’t answering your Chinook letters…

<Rev. L.N. St Onge.> Aias lili iaka sik Pir Sint Onsh, kakwa wik kata iaka mamuk pipa kopa msaika. Iaka yutl tomtom kopa msaika. Tlus kanawi msaika mamuk hilp iaka kopa styuil. “For… Continue reading

“Digger” Jargon keeps surfacing

From Hutchings’ Illustrated California Magazine, Vol. IV no. 4 (October 1859), column “Our Social Chair”, page 185: the popular verse “Lo! The Poor Indian” (originally a section of Alexander Pope’s “Essay on Man“, and… Continue reading

Shortest way to Chinook

Have you taken it?

Teaching literacy practices, page 2: Keep your Chinook paper clean

Something that eventually occurred to Father Le Jeune, once he had gotten 500+ people literate in Chinook shorthand… They needed to be told to keep their Kamloops Wawa clean and dry. This is not,… Continue reading

English in shorthand — I challenge you

Experience introducing college students to phonetic notation as an alternate way to represent their mother tongue suggests you will have a hard time reading this, at first. Want to leave your transcription of… Continue reading

2 More Chinook / Tsimshian / Salish hymns

I blogged a Chinook Jargon hymn translation by Rev. C. M. Tate the other day; there are 2 more at the Newberry Library. If you order a copy before I get to this,… Continue reading