1914: Fraser Indians Celebrate Xmas

Who are the “Hallo Indians”?


Here’s Chirouse’s uncle and inspiration, “Chirouse the elder” in 1865, holding a cross, with his “Indian school” at Coupeville, Whidbey Island, Washington Territory (image credit: HistoryLink)

Was that a badly misspelled version of “Stó:lō”?


The Hallo Indians of the Lower Fraser held a great Christmas celebration at Cat’s Landing. There was midnight mass, which was sung by the veteran Father Chirouse [“the younger”], O.M.I. The church was crowded, the Indians coming from all camps and settlements between Chilliwack and Yale. A choir of Indians sang the music of the mass and a feature of the celebrations was the singing of a Chinook Christmas hymn by Father Chirouse. Chief Pierre acted as master of ceremonies. In the evening a great banquet was held in the chief’s house at which various chiefs delivered speeches.

— from the Vancouver (BC) Province of January 7, 1914, page 16, column 2

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