Coming soon to Camas-Washougal? “Hyas Point”

A projected new waterfront development on the Washington side of the lower Columbia River has a Chinook Jargon moniker…


Image credit: Camas-Washougal Post-Record

The local news article recently published tells us:

 “Hyas Point” is the official name of the new development.

The name “needed to be simple, memorable, clear, and provide something that was easy for people to remember and use interchangeably with conversation in the future,” according to Channa Kim, RKm’s special projects manager.

“ ‘Hyas’ means ‘big’ or ‘great’ or ‘important’ (in Chinuk Wawa language),” Kim said. “It has all of these different uses, and we liked the idea of a word that could encompass the whole community in a way that was very positive and uplifting, but is also kind of general.

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