1908: Jargon was goin’ to be the standard language

One of the first books of its kind — a motorist’s travelogue of the American Far West.

The writing style is engaging and strives to quote regular folks as they really spoke with the author.

at the gat

Photo from between pages 230 & 231

This is Clifton Johnson’s 1908 book, Highways and byways of the Pacific coast (New York: MacMillan). Read it for free at that link!

On page 240: an elderly male settler of 1853, found splitting rails by the roadside apparently in the Canyonville area of SW Oregon, recalls in a conversation:

We talked a jargon that was got up for the Indians; and that was taught in the schools. I used to could speak that jargon better than I could English and we had an i-dea [sic] that was goin’ to be the standard language here in Oregon.

Well my friends, it could still happen…!

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