1923: Native Sons of BC would preserve Chinook

A century ahead of their time!

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“The Native Sons of British Columbia was the kind of weird organization you’d get if you crossed the Hallmark Society with the Loyal Order of Water Buffalos – or the Ku Klux Klan.”
(Text & image credit: Unknown Victoria)

I myself have made a draft dictionary of BC Chinuk Wawa, much as these folks were hoping for in 1925.

Mine is based on documents of the language as actually used in the province — which makes it very different from the rather impressionistic dictionaries of their time.

So I guess our motivations were a little different. (See caption above!)

Stay tuned I reckon. I want to publish mine.

Meantime, read and enjoy:

Native Sons of B.C. Would Preserve Chinook

Plans for perpetuating the Chinook language were discussed at the meeting of the Native Sons of B.C. at a luncheon meeting held today at the Cosy Corner Tea Rooms.

While it was recognized that the jargon used by the fur-traders was fast falling into disuse, the Native Sons of B.C. feel that for sentimental reasons it should not be forgotten in the country with which it was so closely associated. Dr. Cunningham, who has charge of the committee on Chinook, suggested the publication of a dictionary of the language, former publications of a similar nature being out of print.

Plans for the athletic activities of the organization during the summer were discussed.

— from the Vancouver (BC) Province, Thu, Mar 29, 1923

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