1867: Reconstruction-era political comment, in 2 pidgins

Not translated when published, and I doubt I have to translate it for you…

…But I will mention that this is just 2 years after the Democrats lost their Civil War.


An equally racist cartoon used by Haight’s political party at the time; the top two characters are talking Indigenous & Chinese pidgin Englishes, respectively.
Native: “Chemuc walla! Ingen vote! plenty whisky all time. Gorom big ingin.”
Chinese: “Boss gollam belly good man. He say chinaman vo-tee all same melican man. Ketch-ee mine all same — no pay taxee — belly good.”
[Gorom & gollam = Gorham]
(image credit: Library of Congress)

…Also: be warned, the following uses some extremely offensive wording, regardless of the language.

It goes to back up my claim that West Coast-style Chinese Pidgin English (and other pidgins) have been closely associated with earthy street talk…cussin’!



JOHN CHINAMAN’S POLITICS. — The Chinese in California are a curious “institution.” They are shrewd, and have a vein of dry humor which sounds especially quaint when delivered in their queer “pigeon English.” One of them, in this city, met a prominent Democrat the other day on the street, and spoke thus unto him: “Say, what for [Henry] Haight he no likee Chinaman? He Gubnor now; he make all Chinamen leave, you tinkee so? What for all Democlat allee time talkee dam Chinaman? Chinaman allee same Democlat, no likee nigger, no likee injun. Bime-by Chinaman vote allee same Mellican man, I guess so, what you tink? Democlat heap taxee Chinaman ten dollar one month, no can pay, too muchee!” The “Democlat’s” reply is not given. 

— from the San Francisco (CA) Daily Alta California of December 22, 1867

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