Monthly Archive: December, 2020

1841: Previously unknown early CW place names…and Native humour??

A Chinuk Wawa place name that I hadn’t known of 1in the lower Columbia River area…

CW in the news: Canadian slang terms

For a bit of fun, check out a recent article about province-specific slang words in contemporary Canada…

El Comancho’s Washington, DC newspaper column on Chinook Jargon (2 of 6)

I haven’t been able to track down all of the published installments, but here’s another of El Comancho’s sorta Jargon-for-kids column…

1892: Limpy Jim and other fools

More of that California Indian pidgin English (etc.)…

Indirect, weak evidence that CW ‘clams’ might be from French

A rather obscure Chinuk Wawa word for ‘clams’ has long stirred comment…

[CAUS-X]+N = N compounds have stayed fresh

Huh? Is this language or is it math!?

More about Won Alexander Cumyow and a connection with Sir James Douglas

A little more info for you on a person who might soon appear on Canadian currency… 

1911 letter: Mrs. Kenny Was True Pioneer

A not-so-tiptop typesetter gives us mildly muddled, but still interesting, Chinook Jargon and English from post-frontier southwest Oregon.

A reason for “klaksta-man”

A short note about the northern (BC) dialect.

Fort Astoria sign gets a rewrite

“Fort Astoria Sign Gets a Rewrite“